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It’s hard to believe that Halloween has past, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. When I was a kid, Christmas was my favorite holiday (and it still is!) In high school I would decorate my backpack with garland, battery-powered christmas lights, and a stuffed santa hat, and I would force myself to wait until the day after thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music. I absolutely loved (and still do love) all those sappy romantic Christmas movies that play on the Hallmark Channel.

While I do still strongly stand behind the idea of waiting for the proper time to celebrate holidays, as a church musician/employee/volunteer, we have to start thinking and planning for holidays WAAAYYYY ahead of time. I have been searching for Christmas music since August, and the choir has been practicing for our annual cantata for the past month! While sometimes it feels strange to be discussing/practicing so far in advance, I believe that it adds to the anticipation we are supposed to be having for these celebratory holidays, especially Christmas. Advent is all about expectation and waiting for the Lord.

Our Christmas Cantata this year will be performed on December 10th in both the 8:30 and 11:00 services. We are doing a variety of anthems celebrating the birth of Jesus from quite a few musical eras. We will have the Chancel Choir, St. John’s Ringers, and a String Quartet at this event. If you are not or never have been involved in this event, I would strongly encourage you to come sing or perform during this event. It will change the way you experience the holidays!

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Michelle is St John's Communications Coordinator and Executive Secretary to the Pastor.
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