Chancel Choir Wants to Hear You Sing

Sing in choir

It is hard to believe that we are a full month into the year 2017. With the temperatures changing constantly from cold to hot and vice versa, it is hard to keep track of what season we are in! Despite the confusion, we are indeed up and running with all of the ministries at St. John’s. We are currently recruiting all voice parts (especially Sopranos and Tenors) for the Chancel Choir. No longer is it the time to come up with excuses of why you CAN’T sing in choir– it’s time to come up with reasons why you CAN sing! We are not looking for perfect singers– just people who are willing to give it their best and join into a community of people who love and support each other. In conclusion, we want each one of you to come join choir, and join your voices together in leading worship! Please contact Caleb with any questions at

About Michelle Cousineau

Michelle is St John's Communications Coordinator and Executive Secretary to the Pastor.
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