Nicaragua Mission Trip/Day Six/November 16, 2016

6:03 pm What a wonderful and fulfilling day we enjoyed today. Sorry about no blog this morning. I could not get on the internet. We got lucky tonight!! Usually I can’t get on this late at night. Anyway today we went back to the clinic to work. As usual our breakfast was delicious. I just can’t say enough about the food. There is such a variety and it is so very good. The fresh fruit and vegetables have been incredible. We had two jobs at the clinic today. We wheel barrowed dirt from a place where we sift it with shovels to the squares that need to be filled with fill. The other job was to continue to make the forms with rebarb so they can pour the rest of the columns. I was on the shovel and hauling fill crew. It is back braking work. Now I remember why I went to college. All of our team was outstanding again today. It may be the hardest working team I have ever worked with on a trip. We worked in the sun for most of the morning and it was very hot. By lunch time we were all sore and tired. During our lunch time we shared some face to face time with the original founders of the ministry. We had an opportunity to ask them anything we wanted about Nicaragua or the ministry. It was a very informative time with them. I have so much respect for what they have done here. They ran homeless shelters in North Carolina before they came here. These folks have been doing in the trenches ministry for a very long time. It is the hardest ministry there is to do in my opinion. It was a most inspiring time for us.

After lunch we went back to the sight and finished the fill work and the rebarb work. We were most proud of all we did this week. The construction manager just couldn’t say enough about all the work we did with them. The fun part is that we got to work along side of them. We got a picture of our group with them. Ian was not with us in the afternoon. He leads a group of young boys and today he took the swimming at a local hotel pool. It will be his last time with them. He goes back to Seattle, his hometown, this weekend. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for him. He has here for a year. Everywhere we go you can tell the people he knows all like him. He is easy to like. We certainly have been blessed as he has led us this week. Grace led us today. She worked with us out at what we came to call “the Pit.” It is where we shoveled dirt into a big mesh standing wire form with wheel barrows under it to catch the dirt for the fill. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She was like a machine. In fact we were talking about how easy all of the work would be if we just had a bobcat which is a small front end loader you see oftentimes on construction sites. She worked so hard and moved so much dirt that I nicknamed her Grace “Bobcat.” She was bobcat the rest of the afternoon. I think the name is going to stick. We are telling the rest of the staff tonight. She seemed to like it. It was fun nick naming her! We were so blessed again today. As we worked we watched the women and children come in and out of the clinic. These people are making a difference here everyday. Have I said that yet?? I just can’t say often enough how blessed we are to be even a small part of all that God is doing here! We have been the church this week. As we say with the homeless ministry, “the church has left the building.” Indeed it has and glory to God it has!!

Thank you for supporting us. The team has been blessed and moved and inspired by the many comments! We feel your prayers and thoughts! It is raining tonight. What a wonderful and refreshing way to end an absolutely beautiful and amazing day!! We will eat great food again in just a short while with our new brothers and sisters in Christ. I just wish each of you could be here with us!! You would love this!! God has been with us and working among us since the morning we climbed on the bus to leave. This is how life in the Kingdom of God should be! We have such joy and gratitude in our hearts! Continue the prayers even as we pray for each of you! I will see you bright and early in the morning hopefully! We get to drive into the mountains tomorrow to witness the coffee farm. It should be fun!!

I will see you on the road,

Pastor Travis
I John 3:1

About Travis Franklin

Travis served St John's as the Senior Pastor from 2015 until 2017. He now serves as a District Superintendent in the UMC.
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One Response to Nicaragua Mission Trip/Day Six/November 16, 2016

  1. Carolyn May says:

    Travis, so good to catch up with y’all. WOW!!! What a fantastic journey for you all. Wish we were there!! Tell everyone hello. Miss y’all. Oh, and happy belated birthday. I had it on my calendar but yesterday was crazy. Can’t wait for the next report. We are leaving in the morning to head to Junction with the Pfennigs and Thompson in our RVs. Will be back Tuesday, the 22nd. We don’t have much communication ability out in the park so I’ll go into the library when we go in to town to see what’s going on. Sending prayers your way. Blessings, Carolyn May

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