Nicaragua Mission Trip/Day 8/November 18, 2016

7:04 am Good morning! It is another breathtaking morning here in Nicaragua. The birds sing their harmony and the sounds of the city are coming to life. We slept well last evening and are up early again. Today we unwind, process, and enjoy some of the more pleasurable offerings of the country. We get to see a potter this morning at his craft. We then go to the market where all the artists sell their wares. We have lunch out and then we end up at a Laguna to enjoy some water and beach and all that goes with that. It will be refreshing to have some down time. Our pace has been pretty intense while we have been here and we have been given more information and experience than we can process. So…it will be peaceful to now just let it all settle and rest for a day. From what we are told the potter we will see is one of the best in the world. He will share with us not only his gift but how to make the pottery and the process he works to bring the art to life.

As we wind the trip down we are all beginning to postulate what does this experience now mean for each of us? We are prayerfully beginning to reflect upon all that we have experienced and heard. There is so very much. But it really doesn’t matter as to the how much of it all as much as it does we are here and now it all becomes a part of our story. I believe such experiences and knowledge are gifts from God and they are the tools God uses to push us, grow us, challenge us, shape us, form us, and love us into the authentic people God is seeking to create us to be. God’s creative process never ends. It didn’t end on day 6 in the creation story, it only paused. We can tend to forget that sometimes. God’s most Holy and present Spirit is always working to broaden us, deepen us, lead us, and love and grace us into the person God has gifted and given us to be. To not be engaged in that work, to miss the presence of such a God and all that God is doing, is to live a half life at the expense of our authenticity.

So…in some ways the real work among us now begins. And so today in the midst of this beautiful country and its people we will begin to surrender to the shaping, forming work of God. As we do God will be present with us all the way. Pray for us today as we have prayed for you. We are filled with joy and gratitude that we have been blessed with the opportunity!

I will see you on the road,

Pastor Travis
I John 3:1

About Travis Franklin

Travis served St John's as the Senior Pastor from 2015 until 2017. He now serves as a District Superintendent in the UMC.
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2 Responses to Nicaragua Mission Trip/Day 8/November 18, 2016

  1. Shirley says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog. You have been a blessing to these people as they have been to you. Continued prayers for the team.

  2. Lauren Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing your special experiences with us, Pastor Travis. Your words have been a pleasure and comfort while you have been away serving. I am so very proud of my parents and the entire St. John’s Mission Team. Can’t wait to hear more about the trip upon your return!

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