Nicaragua Mission Trip/Day 4/November 14, 2016

5:00 pm Today we earned our keep! We began the work on the new education and x-ray room for the clinic. The clinic is located in a very poor part of town. Today we experienced poverty. The clinic is located right in the middle of the neighborhood and serves about 12,000 people who live there. The clinic serves 100 people a day. Nicaragua offers its citizens free health care but oftentimes there are long waits and they might not have the needed medication on hand. The clinic offers supplemental care to very poor people. We all were most impressed today as they explained the ministry they do there. The rubber hits the pavement here everyday in terms of helping the poor. That is why we came. We have felt called to be a part of such ministry to these children of God. Our reception here has been so welcoming. We all feel like we are home. We eat meals with the staff and our relationship with them grows everyday. These people are making a difference in the lives of the poor everyday. It is powerful to watch. It is powerful to hear about. It is inspiring to be a small part of what God is doing here through them and this ministry.

Today we shoveled dirt to create fill for the concrete floors they will eventually pour as the foundation of the new building. It has been a long time since I shoveled dirt. Others of our team made square re-bar to be used in the pouring of the walls. It was a hot, humid, but incredible day as we worked hard together to offer help to people. We even made their newsletter for the month of November. Also today we learned more about the ministry here. it is an amazing ministry and we learned today that they run a co-op program for farmers that involves 3,000 farmers. I just can’t say this enough. God is at work in the place among these people and it is so fulfilling to be a small part of it all. I am so proud our church is here. I think the team would agree. We have been so blessed in so many different ways from being here. Seeing the people, the children, the pregnant mothers, the women who were being served today was palpable. We worked today alongside of Pedro, Lucas, and William. Two of the volunteers, Grace and Ian, worked along side of us too. It was most special laboring in the vineyard of God’s Kingdom along side of them. Grace, who is here volunteering, chose to be with us today. She just graduated from college and is here for 4 months. She was wonderful. Ian is our overseer so to speak. He is with us everyday and we have grown to love and enjoy him. He is from Seattle and is in his 20’s and a graduate as well. Of course we have met and gotten to know those cooking for us, and the original group of persons that left North Carolina 20 years ago to come and to do this great work God had called them to do. From where they began God has been very busy through them and with them as they have been used by God in a myriad of ways to make a difference in the lives of so very many!

We are all back at the dorm now showering and getting ready for dinner at 6:00 pm. We are all sore and exhausted! But it is a good tired! And none of us mind good tired! We were so humbled to be working along side such incredible people! Thank you Lord for such a blessed day! We should all sleep very well tonight. Please continue to pray for us. Besides missing Erin and Lara I am glad I came. I think everyone of our team feels the same way. We can’t wait till tomorrow and all that God has for us! I might blog again tonight depending on how the evening goes. If not I will be back with you in the morning early.

I will see you on the road,

Pastor Travis
I John 3:1

About Travis Franklin

Travis served St John's as the Senior Pastor from 2015 until 2017. He now serves as a District Superintendent in the UMC.
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