It Has Begun/Day One/Nicaragua

Friday, November 11, 2016

As hard as it is for me to believe the Nicaragua Mission Team has left the building! We met this morning at the Family Life Center at 11:00 am and went over all the final details of the trip. We then shared in a Thundercloud Sub lunch, loaded the bus, took our first team picture, and began the journey to Houston. A big shout out to Johnnie and Gary Kovar for driving us to Houston. A big thank you to First UMC Georgetown for allowing us to use their bus for free! What a gift both of those were to us. We have now settled in to the Fairfield Inn and Suites near Intercontinental Airport in Houston. At 5:00 pm we will meet for dinner and then a short team meeting in the lobby about the travel plans for Saturday and then off to our rooms for an early evening as we must meet the shuttle at 6:15 am in the morning to take us to the airport. As hard as it is to believe this is actually happening!

As most of you know this all began last fall when Sarah Junkin came to speak to our church about the ministry of the Jubilee House Community and the Center for Development in Central America. Sarah shared with us about the ministry there and I inquired about us coming to do some mission work with them. She was most open to that as they host mission teams each month. After Sarah left I had conversation with our mission committee about the possibility of us going to Nicaragua and creating a partnership with the ministry there. They approved the idea unanimously. They recommended it to the Administrative Council and they, too, adopted the idea with no nay votes! I emailed Sarah about our decision and we agreed on us coming in November of 2016 one year into the future. And now here we are!

For those of you who may not know the mission team is made up of Gene and Tina Lawhon, Susan Streeter, Carolyn Henry, Bridget Hancock, and me from our church. In addition to us we have Jon Kendall from the Salado United Methodist Church, Alan Easterling from the Genesis United Methodist Church in Ft. Worth, and Laurie Shannon, Bridget Hancock’s sister. This is the team. We have been praying for this trip ever since we decided to do the trip so it has been on our hearts and minds for some time now. And now we are here!

I invite each of you to continue to pray for us as we seek where God is leading us in our new relationship with the folks at the CDCA. Nicaragua is the third poorest nation in the Caribbean behind Haiti and Belize. It is a developing country. I don’t know what God has in store for us there but I know that God has led us to this time and place! I hope you will be following this blog as we record the story of all that God will be doing among there. Thank you for supporting us as we seek to follow God’s lead there. Until tomorrow then, God’s blessing on each of you as we represent you in this great work and mission of our Lord!!

I will see you on the road,

Pastor Travis
I John 3:1

About Travis Franklin

Travis served St John's as the Senior Pastor from 2015 until 2017. He now serves as a District Superintendent in the UMC.
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