What’s Next?

On Wednesday evening, June 1, our church body gathered together in the sanctuary for a church conference. Led by our District Superintendent, Dr. Clifton Howard, we voted regarding the 5 prescriptions offered to us by the Healthy Church Initiative Consultant team. After some stirring music by our choir and the passage from Philippians 3:12-14 to offer some inspiration, our church voted to accept the 5 prescriptions offered by the team. That vote was the culmination of 4 years’ worth of work. I want to thank Ken Sommerville and his team for all the work they did leading up to this vote. I want to thank the consultation team and the work of the Healthy Church Initiative team from the Central Texas Conference for their good and faithful work among us. Now that the vote has taken place we begin an ongoing relationship with our coach, Jeff Miller, pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Killeen and the resources of the conference team. I want to invite each of us to hold this work in our prayers as we seek to be faithful, now with a defined plan to move forward in our church, in what we have determined is the direction God is leading.

As we think about our heritage, all of those who have gone on before us, and the future of our church and its witness to our community and the world beyond, we are blessed my friends. God’s abundance in loving us fills our history and story. That blessing and abundance continues. May God continue to lead us and guide us as we seek to be faithful with all God continues to give us. I am blessed and honored to be your pastor. The question of what’s next will be answered by you and me as we seek to follow God’s lead.

I will see you on the road,

Pastor Travis

I John 3:1


About Travis Franklin

Travis served St John's as the Senior Pastor from 2015 until 2017. He now serves as a District Superintendent in the UMC.
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