Saints Softball is Off and Running!

Follow our Saints Softball season right here on the St John’s Sports Network!

Day Time Facility Team1 Team2
23-May 9:00pm McMaster-Field # 2 Saints 26 9 Scared Hitless
30-May 9:00pm McMaster-Field # 4 Here Come the Runs 0 0 Saints
6-Jun 8:00pm McMaster-Field # 2 The Beaners 0 0 Saints
13-Jun 7:00pm McMaster-Field # 4 Strykers 0 0 Saints
27-Jun 7:00pm McMaster-Field # 4 Saints 0 0 Alcoballics
11-Jul 8:00pm McMaster-Field # 2 Saints 0 0 Team Awesome
18-Jul 9:00pm McMaster-Field # 4 Saints 0 0 Scared Hitless
25-Jul 10:00pm McMaster-Field # 2 Here Come the Runs 0 0 Saints

About Ken Sommerville

Ken is a Christian, native Texan, husband, father, grandfather, writer and technologist. He currently serves the St John's congregation as their web administrator and lay leader.
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