You Can’t Always Get What You Want

The Rolling Stones had it right:


Oh, you can’t always get what you want

Oh, you can’t always get what you want

Oh, you can’t always get what you want

Oh, you can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes you just might find

You get what you need


This past Saturday, the 13th, my lovely fiancé Ellen and I had our first date day in about a month.  We’ve been enveloped in wedding planning and every last free minute we’ve had has been filled with it.  Even when we’re together, we’re usually talking about something wedding related.  Things like how many guests, where should the reception be, what flowers do we like, how many attendants, then rethink everything for the 5th time, and spend waaay too much time on Pinterest (I’m sad to admit Ellen isn’t the only one doing this).  Our days have been packed to the brim between work, school (for me), and wedding planning.  We realized we hadn’t really been able to enjoy just being with each other like we used to.  So, a plan emerged…


We had 3 Groupons and two were set to expire the following Tuesday.  We decided we’d have a date day and combine them!  Unfortunately, our day began with a trip to the reception space to look at linens and chair covers/sashes to see what we thought.  We leave the reception space after a quick and rather painless meeting (the best kind!) and have a quick lunch back at my house.  Then it was off to the races!  See, we had completely packed our date day trying to fit everything possible in.  Yes, the very thing we were trying to avoid (having a crazy schedule) was being put into our fun day.  We were going to do some riverboating, then kayaking, then have dinner together downtown, all within the span of 4 hours.


As those who live in the Austin area know, it decided to rain Saturday – a lot.  As we were driving down, I was praying, “God, we need today.  We need a chance to have fun and be with each other, please hold back the rain!”  Looking back I see an amused grin forming on God’s face saying, “Oh reheheaaaly?”  Riverboating went off without a hitch and we enjoyed just sitting and talking for an hour.  Then we went to go kayak.  As we approached the hotel where the rental was, it began to POUR.   I don’t mean a little rain, I mean Texas sized rain with a vengeance.  So, we decided to call it off (this Groupon still had a couple months on it) and tried to think of something else to do until dinner.  It was only 4:30, so it was still a bit early in the day.


So, we call my friend Erick, who I like to refer to as “the man who knows everything to do in Austin at any given time.”  Seriously, I owe like 4 solid dates with Ellen to this man.  Guess what, he says we’re out of luck.  With ACL being in town, causing all sorts of crowding and traffic, our options were limited to museums (which we had already ruled out) or a movie (none were starting soon that we wanted to see).  Oh, I almost forgot.  Right before we call Erick, Ellen suggests we go to this sandwich shop we’d discovered through another Groupon because they had board games that we could sit around and play while it rained.  Problem is, this place is literally a block from the borders of ACL, and I hate traffic.  I hate it so much I wish I was a Jetson and could just fly around.  But knowing how people drive now, there’d still be traffic jams but with hovercrafts.  Also, I was thinking, “No!  We need to do something!  We need to have fun!”  *Cut scene to God laughing at me*  We finally decide to just go to Trifecta (where we’re having dinner) and grab a drink and just talk.


So, we’re on our way and I’m not using a map, because I’m a man and I don’t need one!  Not really, I just knew where the place was.  Problem is, I missed my turn.  So, I end up on Lamar approximately 3 blocks from ACL and 2 blocks from the sandwich shop…


Suddenly I think, “Well, we’re this close, might as well go to the sandwich shop!”  Now God is saying, “Duh!”  So I make the world’s longest U-turn and we end up at the shop.  We grab a couple Mexican Cokes, some chips, and a couple games.  We stayed there playing for about two hours.  It was honestly the most fun we’ve had together in a long time.  It was exactly what we needed.  We got the chance to relax, get off of a schedule, and just enjoy being with each other and talking.


Sometimes we have a plan for how we want life to go, and sometimes that lines up with what we actually need.  But sometimes, it doesn’t.  When that’s the case, we’re better off going God’s direction.  Heck, we’re better off asking Him in the first place!  God knew exactly what we needed last weekend, and He made it happen.  Despite my attempts to go my own way and do what I thought we needed, He came through and gave us just what He intended.  Let God direct your life, ask Him for those directions, and watch how it all comes together.

About Chris Reyes

Chris served St John's as the Director of Youth Ministries from 2009 until 2014. He now serves with another UMC congregation.
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